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Proprietary Chinese Medicine Testing

  Safety Testing 

  •  Production process contaminated 
  •  Environmental pollution 
  •  Artificaially added 
  Quality Testing
  •  Species
  •  Place of origin
  •  Harvest season
  •  Processing methods
  •  Storage management 

Quality control of Chinese Medicine

Product Quality Documents

  • Product specification 

  • Test method ddevelopment and validation (included assay and identification) Stability test 

  • Identification – TLC 

  • Filling variation 

  • Particle size 

  • Determination of Water 

  • Assay

  • Microbial Limit Test

Product Quality Specification

Chinese Herbal Medicines 
Hong Kong Chinese Material Medical Standards
Proprietary Chinese Medicines 
Registration of Proprietary Chinese Medicines
  • Heavy Metals and Toxic Elements Test 

  • Pesticide Residues Test

  • Microbial Limit Test

  • Acute Toxicity Test

  • Long-term Toxicity Test

  • Local Toxicity Test

Product Safety

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