Environmental Services 

Quality Pro Test-Consult Ltd. (QPTest) is a full service environmental laboratory that is locally owned and operated. We take great pride in providing our environmental consulting/ engineering, governmental and industrial clients with reliable and comprehensive organic and inorganic analysis of water & wastewater, soil, biota and waste characterization.

Field Sampling Services 


We understand that being a trusted partner can mean more than performing the analyses you need when you deliver the samples to us. There are times when the lab needs to come to you. Our field technicians are a valauble support structure to our clients. Whether you need us to assist you with your monitoring schedules and/ or just need us to pick up some samples from time to time - we will be there.


Each of our field technicians are trained in sample collection and control. Each vehicle is stocked daily with sampling supplies. Autosamplers are also available. Should you have any needs regarding our field services, please feel free to contact our field services department at (852) 3956 8717.

Swimming Pool Water


Swimming and spa pools have often been cited as causes of water borne disease. In order to safeguard the health of the users, the water quality of swimming or spa pools should be checked regularly.


According to the Hong Kong Swimming Pools Regulation (Chapter 132CA), the licensee of a swimming pool should make sure the water quality could meet the certain requirements as described in the following table.

Drinking Water


Quality Water Supply Schemes For Buildings – Fresh Water And Flushing Water


The treated fresh water provided by the Water Supplies Department (WSD) complies fully with the Guidelines for Drinking-watering Quality recommended by the World Health Organisation. Well-maintained water plumbing systems could help create a healthy environment for water consumption and provide good quality water to the consumers. To ensure good quality of water at the taps and avoid failures in flushing supply, building owners and property managers have to maintain their plumbing systems properly. To encourage the responsible parties to do this and with the endorsement of the Advisory Committee on the Quality of Water Supplies (the predecessor of the Advisory Committee on Water Resources and Quality of Water Supplies), the WSD launched the Fresh Water Plumbing Quality Maintenance Recognition Scheme (which has been renamed Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Buildings (QWRSB) since January 2008) and the Flushing Water Plumbing Quality Maintenance Recognition Scheme (FWPQMRS) in July 2002 and July 2013 respectively. QWRSB and FWPQMRS were re-titled "Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water" and "Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Flushing Water" respectively in March 2015.