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Laboratory Services

Environmental Service

Drinking Water Analysis

Swimming Pool Water Analysis

Cooling Tower Water Analysis


Env., food and Product 

Escherichia coli

Total Bacteria Count

Microbiological Testing


Indoor Air Qaulity

Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, PM10, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Formaldehyde, TVOC, Radon,
AirBorne bacteria, Mould

Heavy Metals Test

Pesticide Residues Test

Toxicity Test

Proprietary Chinese

Medicine Testing

evaporation materials 2.jpg

Packing Material Testing

Paint and Coating Testing

Food Contacted Material

Assay, Chemical Testing

Microbiological Testng

Pre-packaged Food

Food Sciences

Material Testing

   HOKLAS Accredited Laboratory   

HKAS has accredited Quality Pro Test-Consult Limited (Reg. No. HOKLAS 259) under HOKLAS for specific laboratory activities as listed in the HOKLAS directory of accredited laboratories.

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